Dr. Oz helps airline passengers during a medical emergency during the flight


Dr. Oz

Plays Hero Mid-Flight…

Assists passengers in medical emergencies

Dr. OzHis medical knowledge came in handy during his flight to Mexico this week … as the celebrity doctor treated a fellow passenger during a mid-air health scare, TMZ has learned.

Check out this footage, obtained by TMZ, that shows Oz vigilantly caring for another traveler, who we’re told passed out for an hour during Friday’s flight from NYC to Cabo San Lucas.

Dr. Oz confirmed the medical incident, telling TMZ that he was on his way to a wedding when he heard flight attendants asking for medical attention, and he answered the call.

He adds… “(A) healthy middle-aged man lost consciousness and we did the usual triage with physical examination and vital signs. After oxygen, OJ and time he recovered and is due for a detailed examination at his local doctor.”

Dr. Oz explains that he made the passenger drink some juice because low blood sugar is a cause of unexpected syncope (fainting). He also noted that “oxygen is the best medicine we ever use.”

According to the doctor, the sick traveler is now doing much better… but eyewitnesses tell us that he gave the man his telephone number in case of another emergency after landing.


By the way… This isn’t the first time Dr. Oz comes to the aid of a stricken traveler. As we reported…Oz demonstrated some life-saving acts of heroism at Newark Airport in 2021 – using a defibrillator on a collapsed man.

Dr. Oz told TMZ at the time that he rushed into action after a 60-year-old man collapsed with no pulse and a terrible tan. He was able to bring the man back to life from the brink of death… who was then taken to the hospital.

Dude is a true hero… and he’s true to his craft!