Senior loses $12,000 after alleged TV streaming services scam

Guelph police are asking residents to be careful when talking to strangers online after they say a senior was scammed out of $12,000.

According to the police, the victim, a man in his seventies, reported the fraud on Monday. She said she was having billing issues with a television streaming service and spoke to someone she believed was a company representative.

The man said he could pay her $120 back, but he needed access to her computer, which the victim granted, according to a police news release.

When she got back to her computer, the victim said she had another $12,000 in her checking account.

She asked the man and he said he had put the decimal point in the wrong place and convinced the victim to send him $12,000 in cash to correct the mistake.

Police said the victim withdrew the money from the bank over two days and sent it to an address in Barrie.

β€œShe later discovered that the $12,000 deposited into her checking account had actually been transferred from her own savings account,” police said.

Police are warning residents to be vigilant and cautious when speaking to someone you don’t know, especially online or over the phone.

If in doubt, contact a family member, colleague, trusted friend or the police before following instructions from someone you do not know.