Irvine police are searching for suspects accused of breaking into multiple cars

Irvine police released crystal clear security video Friday showing a pair breaking into several vehicles, including a handyman’s tools.

Investigators said two thieves got into a truck and several cars in the parking lot of the Metropolis apartment complex, just off Main Street, earlier this month. The cameras on a Tesla captured clear footage of an unidentified man holding several items, including a key card, which police said he eventually used to open the Tesla door.

Darin Easley is one of the victims. He is an all-rounder: electrician, plumber, painter and general contractor. He said without his tools his business is crippled.

A photo of one of the suspects accused of breaking into multiple cars in Irvine.

Irvine Police

“They not only crippled my business, they stole my livelihood,” Eastley said.

More than 100 hand tools are missing from his truck, including hammers, wrenches and a rolling toolbox with power saws and drills. The thieves are also said to have stolen ten expensive batteries used to power the tools and the money he saved from jobs to pay his rent.

“For this to happen, I feel like the universe is closing in on me and it’s very disheartening,” Easley said.

Jobs have been eliminated due to a lack of tools. Easley has awnings to install in Newport Coast, but that can’t happen without a drill. He also has a project in Irvine where he removes the dashboards, but that is no longer possible because his saw blade is gone.

Easley has seen the video of the thieves in action. His losses amount to at least $5,000 and every time he gets into his truck he discovers yet another tool has been stolen.

Now he cleans the gutters to make ends meet, a task that doesn’t require any of his missing tools. He tries to earn enough money to pay his insurance deductible to replace his stolen tools.