Doctor Who reveals a groundbreaking villain in a new episode

Doctor who season 14 episode ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ spoilers follow. The episode is available to stream now, but won’t air on BBC One until Saturday at 6.30pm.

Doctor who has aired the return of one of the most iconic monsters in the classic series: Sutekh the Destroyer.

The series finale, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” confirmed a popular fan theory that the villain who first appeared in the 1975 series “Pyramids of Mars” would return in this year’s finale. The self-proclaimed “god of all gods” originally faced Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor and companion Sarah Jane Smith.

Doctor who‘s latest episode, which is now available to stream on BBC iPlayer and Disney+, ended with The Doctor, Ruby and UNIT all at the mercy of Sutekh after the monster managed to attach itself to “the fabric” of the TARDIS and return travel through time.

Sutekh the Destroyer, member of the Osiran race and self-proclaimed god, attempted to erase all life on Earth in that ’70s adventure, but was stopped by The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith who harnessed the power of a time tunnel.

The way Sutekh was destroyed in the ‘Pyramids of Mars’ could offer some insight into how he returned, as The Doctor and UNIT used a similar device to recreate the night of Ruby’s birth.

Susan Twist as Susan Triad in The Legend of Ruby Sunday, Doctor Who season 14

James Sorry//BBC

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While they tried in vain to identify Ruby’s mother by reconstructing CCTV footage in 3D, a dark red cloud appeared in UNIT’s time window device and then escaped into the physical world.

As for returning guest star Susan Twist, viewers were given a little more insight into why she was featured throughout the series, regardless of where The Doctor and Ruby ended up in time and space.

In “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” Twist played his biggest role yet as technology billionaire Susan “Sue” Triad, whose company Triad Technology planned to release free software to the world.

The Doctor and UNIT both suspected that this mysterious woman could be The Doctor’s granddaughter Susan, but it turned out to be a giant trap.

The One Who Waits – a divine entity previously referenced by The Toymaker and Maestro – deliberately tricked The Doctor into thinking that Sue Triad and her company Triad Technology were involved in a TARDIS.

Susan Twist as Susan Triad in Doctor Who, the Legend of Ruby Sunday season 14


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‘S Triad’ is indeed an anagram for ‘TARDIS’, but this was a red herring as the relevant anagram was actually ‘Sue Tech’ aka Sutekh.

Once Sutekh revealed himself at UNIT headquarters, UNIT officer Harriet Arbringer (Genesis Lynea) was exposed as the harbinger of the evil god (“H. Arbinger”), while Susan Triad turned into a demonic entity while still on a worldwide live stream.

Sutekh described himself as both “mother and father” to all the gods of chaos in the universe, while its harbinger warned, “He has hidden himself in the howling void.

“He hid in the storm. He has braved the storm, the darkness and the pain and whispered to the ship. All this time he whispered, enraptured and seduced, and the ship obeyed.

“The Lord of Time was blind and vain and knew nothing.”

The episode ended without it Doctor who to clarify exactly how Susan Triad is related to Sutekh, or perhaps that she is another vessel for the “god of all gods”.

Sutekh as Susan Triad in Doctor Who, The Legend of Ruby Sunday Season 14


Viewers still don’t know who Ruby’s mother is – although there was another intriguing moment early in the episode when Ruby’s neighbor, Mrs. Flood (Anita Dobson), predicted that The One Who Waits was about to reveal herself.

Considering that Mrs. Flood has previously shown her familiarity with a TARDIS, we’d expect to see more of that in next week’s season finale ‘Empire of Death’ – along with a mysterious guest appearance from Flea bag’‘s Sian Clifford as ‘Kind Woman’.

Doctor who debuts Saturday at midnight with new episodes airing on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere. Classic episodes of Doctor who are available on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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