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Saba Azad, Hrithik Roshan.

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan is now in love with actress-singer Saba Azad and this is not hidden from anyone. This adorable couple never hesitates to express their love for each other. Both are among the most talked about couples in the industry. Both have been dating each other for the past few years and also shower each other with love on social media. But this had a very bad effect on Saba Azad’s career. The actress herself revealed this. Saba Azad has taken to social media to talk about how she was left out of work due to a relationship with a successful actor (Hrithik Roshan). Because people got the feeling that she now doesn’t have to do the work she did until now.

Saba did not get secondary school work for 2 years

While Saba Azad has worked in many films and OTT shows, besides being an actress and singer, she is also a voiceover artist. But after getting into a relationship with Hrithik Roshan, she was no longer given voiceover work. Saba shared her video from a recording studio on her Instagram story, writing a lengthy caption. Let us tell you what Saba wrote while sharing this video.

Saba shared the post

Saba wrote, “I never told anyone I’m quitting my job, I never said I’m not interested in this, I never changed my session fees, there was nothing different from my side, so what changed? I had no idea, I didn’t know anything until a month ago. When I returned to Mumbai I met a director with whom I worked regularly. I couldn’t stop myself from asking him this question and asked him directly: “You don’t call me for VO anymore? What happened?” And what happened next completely blew my mind. This is what they said: ‘Oh, we thought you wouldn’t want to do something like a voiceover anymore.’

There is discussion about Saba Azad’s post

‘It’s important for me to tell that this person is great, he’s one of the best directors in the industry, very progressive and cool and that’s the kind of people I like and so this is the last thing I hear from him expected. He said – he didn’t think I could do a voiceover job, given where you are in life. That is, who I’m dating.’

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Image source: INSTAGRAM

Message from Saba Azad.

What did Saba write next?

Saba Azad further questioned this mentality of people and wrote, ‘Are we still living in that darkness where we assume that a girl in a relationship with a successful partner should not take care of her own food and needs. Or she doesn’t have to pay her bills or rent. Or she doesn’t have to take care of her family or take pride in her work. What kind of retarded thinking is this?’

Saba Azad also appeared in Rocket Boys

Let us tell you that Saba is an actress-singer as well as a voice-over artist. However, Saba says that ever since people in the industry found out about her relationship with Hrithik Roshan, she stopped getting voiceover work as people felt like she no longer needed to do this work. Saba has also worked in films like Dil Kabaddi, Mujhse Friendship Karoge and Home Stories. At the same time, she was also in the news in 2022 for her role in the web series ‘Rocket Boys’.

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