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In Under Parisstarring Bérénice Bejo (The artist), an ever-mutating shark makes its way from the Pacific Ocean to the fresh waters of the Seine, just in time for a world triathlon. One scientist – still traumatized after the shark killed all her colleagues – does everything she can to stop the shark before it strikes again. But will she succeed? Read on to find out.

Who is in the cast of Under Paris?

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How works Under Paris end?

So how did we get here? Polluted seas and climate change have forced sharks to evolve at a rapid pace. When such a shark, nicknamed Lilith, slaughters Sophia’s entire crew – including her husband – Sophia (Bejo) quits her job as a marine biologist. That is, until Mika (Léa Léviant), a member of the ocean conservation group Save Our Seas (SOS), contacts her: Lilith is now in the Seine, says Mika. She to have to return this precious angel baby to the ocean. Sophia refuses – the shark is too dangerous; she will kill anyone in her path. But after a run-in with the river police, led by Adil (Nassim Lyes), the trio ends up working together… for a while. Mika, too determined to save Lilith, eventually stages an SOS sit-in in the worst possible location: Lilith’s nest in the catacombs, where Lilith has given birth to tons of mutated sharks, who are already having babies of their own. (Aww!)

How, you may ask? Well, Lilith has evolved so quickly that she now reproduces through parthenogenesis – meaning she doesn’t need a partner to get pregnant. Plus, she’s mutated into the first of a brand new species. While Lilith is a true icon and is breaking glass ceilings left and right, it’s not good for the people: if she and her shark babies aren’t stopped, they could destroy us all. And we? I do not want that. Unfortunately, Sophia and Adil don’t break up the sit-in in time, and the shark and its offspring kill several people, including Mika and her partner at SOS, Ben (Nagisa Morimoto).

During the second round of Operation No More Lilith, Sophia and the team set up a shark trap to deploy during the first round of the Seine Triathlon. The crew wanted to do it sooner, but the corrupt mayor (Anne Marivin) would rather have the billion-dollar event go smoothly than have the shark killings come to light. So yes, the plan goes ahead as swimmers dive into the water. Sophia uses an infrared light machine to attract the sharks while the others plant explosives. When the sharks start swarming, Lilith seems like a no-show, but then appears out of nowhere and nibbles explosives expert Poiccard (Stephane Jacquot) to death. Just after sharks tear apart River Police Officer Adama (Ibrahima Ba), the dynamite goes off, blasting Sophia and Adil through the catacombs. But did they kill Lilith?

In an image from the thriller 'Under Paris', a giant shark faces Bérénice Bejo as Sophia Assalas underwater.

Lilith and Bérénice Bejo in Under Paris

No luck. Lilith shoots out of the rubble and swims so close to Sophia that she almost hits her in the nose. The mega shark attacks, killing Adil’s fellow officers Markus (Marvin Dubart) and Caro (Sandra Parfait). Fortunately, our friends Adil and Sophia survive – which is nice, because they have something to do. Lilith heads toward the triathlon athletes, dragging a net of buoys on her fin, which would be cute if she weren’t a threat to humanity. She picks off the swimmers one by one. As they rush to climb out of the Seine, they accidentally draw in spectators, bringing in even more friends for Lilith to swallow. The heure du déjeuner!

Luckily, the military shows up to save the day – or so the military thinks. As Adil and Sophia swim closer to the chaos, boys with big guns light up the water, sending onlookers into blind panic. But do you remember the old days? There are live artillery shells in the Seine from World War II (really, by the way). River police have found dozens over the years, but there’s still a ton down there. Lilith outsmarts every bullet until… TREE. The grenades explode. Activated in waves, they blow up the old bridges of Paris like a chaotic-evil Rube Goldberg machine. Bystanders try to escape. Manholes explode from the pressure. Lilith slaloms past every grenade. It’s madness here in these districts.

Those reservoirs the mayor talked about earlier, pumping fresh water into the Seine? They are blown open by the shells, as is the remaining river infrastructure. From seemingly out of nowhere, ungodly amounts of water pour in. Everyone is swallowed.

Bérénice Bejo as Sophia Assalas examines a dead shark in an image from the thriller 'Under Paris.'

Lilith’s baby and Bérénice Bejo inside Under Paris

Sofie Gheysens

Does Sophia die? Under Paris?

No. Moments after the flood, Sophia miraculously emerges from the floodwaters as sirens sound. She carries a barely conscious Adil to the top of a subway entrance, where she observes the destruction around her.

Will Lilith die? Under Paris?

No. As the camera zooms out on Sophia and Adil, we see Lilith and her close-knit family circling Adil and Sophia. Paris is underwater and overtaken by seawater, garbage and sharks. During the credits, we are shown a map detailing how Lilith and her kin will take over each waterway – first London, then New York, Bangkok, Venice, Tokyo, and eventually the entire world. The message? If we don’t take better care of the Earth and its inhabitants, deadly sharks will replace us all.

Will Adil die? Under Paris?

While Adil does not Things seem to be going well after so much swimming in the catacombs, the Seine and the flood, he is still alive when Sophia drags him to safety at the end of the film.

Will there be a sequel? Under Paris?

A follow-up film has not yet been announced, but according to director Xavier Gens, it is not yet off the table.

“As of today, we are not working on it, but there is a chance that we will talk about it soon,” says Gens. Variety. “If there is a sequel, it will be set in a Paris that is completely underwater.”

Are there actually sharks in the Seine?

No. Mako sharks (as Lilith begins) require saltwater to survive, and the Seine is a freshwater river. The only reason Lilith came from the Pacific Ocean to the Seine was her ability to quickly mutate to new environments – an ability she acquired to combat the effects of climate change.