Dog runs 4 miles to get help after truck owner crashes into ravine Dog runs 4 miles to get help after truck owner crashes


Brandon Garrett was driving in Oregon, near the state line with Idaho, when his truck crashed, leaving him stranded in a ravine. One of his dogs, Blue, a whippet, ran nearly four miles with a glass in his snout to get help. Blue reached a campsite where Brandon was supposed to meet his friend, prompting a search by family and friends when he didn’t arrive.

The search led to the discovery of Brandon’s truck in the ravine, and his brother Tyree called the sheriff’s office for help. Rescuers arrived and were able to locate Brandon, who had crawled 100 yards from his vehicle and spent the night near a creek in the ravine. Despite the challenging conditions, the rescue team successfully lifted Brandon out of the ravine in a rescue basket.

Brandon, 62, suffered a cracked ankle and bruises as a result of the ordeal. His brother Tyree said that given his age, it would take some time for Brandon to recover. Luckily, Brandon wasn’t alone during the incident, as three of his other dogs were found alive nearby. One of the dogs required surgery for a broken hip and femur, while another had two broken legs.

The loyalty and determination of Blue, who runs miles to get help for his owner, is a testament to the strong bond between people and their canine companions. The successful rescue operation highlights the importance of quick thinking and teamwork in emergency situations, ultimately saving Brandon’s life.

The story is a reminder of the incredible resilience and courage that both people and animals display in the face of adversity. It also sheds light on the critical role that search and rescue teams play in ensuring the safety and well-being of those in need. The heartwarming outcome of this moving experience is a testament to the power of love and camaraderie, transcending barriers and obstacles to bring about hope and healing.