Aesop Women’s Library returns to KL to showcase local authors. Visitors can take home a free book

KUALA LUMPUR, June 15 — After an inspiring journey across several countries last year, the Aesop Women’s Library has returned to Malaysia, reaffirming its commitment to amplifying women’s voices and stories.

This year, the luxury Australian beauty brand has dedicated its stores at The Exchange TRX and IOI City Mall to this initiative. The short-lived library, which opened to the public yesterday, will end tomorrow (June 16).



During this time, store shelves are cleared of products, instead showcasing a curated collection of books by local authors who identify as women and allies.

The library has a selection of 27 titles in three languages, with writers such as Saras Manickam, Dr. Chai Siaw Ling and Charissa Ong.

Visitors have the option to take home a free book of their choice; no purchase necessary.

Voices Unbound celebrates the powerful impact of the written word and its ability to evoke deep emotional responses. The initiative aims to showcase Kuala Lumpur’s thriving literary community, highlighting the diverse perspectives and stories that contribute to the city’s rich reading culture.

With that in mind, the Aesop Women’s Library partnered with Human Editions, a social media platform dedicated to sharing the stories of individuals from all walks of life.

The library has a selection of 27 titles in three languages, including Saras Manickam. – Photo courtesy of Aesop

Co-founded by two architecture graduates turned content creators, Human Editions will produce four documentary-style episodes exploring KL’s literary landscape.

Meanwhile, last year’s partner podcast Two Book Nerds Talking returns with a three-part series, presenting the theme and book selection for 2024, supplemented with insights from collaborating publishers.

In conjunction with the launch of the library, Aesop is organizing a reading event together with the library Two book nerds talk about book club, with the dual purpose of sparking discussions around women’s multifaceted identities and fostering connections within the literary community.

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