TWICE’s Nayeon brings laughs with her cheeky phone case

TWICE Member Nayeon’s New Phone Case Is Making Fans Cheeky!

The idol’s new phone case features the popular character ‘Zanmang Loopy‘ (or ‘Sassy Loopy’), with a mound of real(?) hair to create the 3D effect. Well, Nayeon has taken it upon himself to style Zanmang Loopy’s hair with all kinds of styles!

Fans said: “The way he hears the hair rolling with the clip kekekeke”, “At first I thought it was Nayeon’s hair kekekeke”, “She really took the effort to braid his hair kekekeke”, “Why does the hair look like that too shiny out kekekeke”, “I wanted to buy this too but they don’t have it for Galaxy phones!”, “At first I thought Nayeon gave the phone case some hair, but it turns out the phone case comes with her kekekeke”, “Who would ever buy that?!and more.

Who else wants a 3D Zanmang Loopy phone case?

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