Apple and Meta are facing EU charges for violating the Digital Markets Act

Apple and Meta are being closely monitored by the European Commission for possible violations of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). According to reports from the Financial Times and Reuters, Apple could be sued in the coming weeks, while Meta may also face possible charges.

The Commission is reportedly focusing on Apple’s “steering practices,” which involve charging developers to direct users to third-party purchasing options. Meta’s possible costs relate to its ad-free subscription services for Facebook and Instagram within the EU.

Reuters indicates that the Commission will issue preliminary findings, giving both companies a chance to make necessary adjustments before making final decisions. Apple is expected to be the first to face charges, possibly within weeks. The Verge’s requests for comment from the European Commission and Apple went unanswered, while Meta declined to comment.

These charges follow the Commission’s investigation into Apple, Meta and Alphabet’s DMA non-compliance, which began in March. The DMA, which classifies Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance (owner of TikTok), Meta and Microsoft as “gatekeepers,” requires these companies to adhere to specific rules regarding the core platform services they offer.

Now that the DMA is in force, the European Commission is actively enforcing its regulations to ensure fair competition and prevent market abuse by these dominant technology giants.