Tayla Moeykens and Jaden Whitman win third-round titles as five Bobcats advance to CNFR finals

Tayla Moeykens posted the best barrel racing run of the week, finishing as the winner of the third go-round and setting up a showdown between two national champions in Saturday’s championship round.

The Bobcat senior took the third round with a score of 13.70 and enters Saturday’s final with 41.72 seconds on three runs. West Alabama’s defending champion Taycie Matthews leads the league at 14.66 to three, with the final point added to the first three to find the 2024 CNFR.

Four other Bobcats competing in Saturday’s championship are in good standing. Trav Johnson is currently fourth in teammate steer wrestling Jaden Whitman fifth. Wyatt Jensen And Bode spring are tied for sixth in tie-down roping. The event begins at 7:00 PM MT at the Ford Wyoming Center in Casper, Wyoming. The event is available on ESPN3 and results are available here.

Along with Moeykens’ third-round title, Whitman captured the steer wrestling lead and Trav Johnson finished sixth. Wyatt Jensen was seventh in the calf tug-of-war, and Bode spring 14e. Monte Bailey came sixth in bronc riding, Meghan McGinley tied for 12e in escape, and Alexis McDonald done 13e in barrel racing.

bareback: Wes Shaw – 1st Go: 74.5 (15e); 2NL Go: 69.5 (19e); 3rd Goose.
bareback: Cole Gerhardt – 1st Goose; 2NL Ga: 73.0 (13e); 3rd Goose
SADDLE BRONC: Monte Bailey – 1st Goose; 2NL Go: 70 (19e); 3rd Go: 77.5 (5e)
HANDLEBAR WRESTLING: Cole Gerhardt – 1st Ga: 15.2 (25e); 2NL Goose; 3rd Goose
HANDLEBAR WRESTLING: Trav Johnson – 1st Go: 4.8 (4e); 2NL Go: 6.4 (19e); 3rd Go: 4.8 (T5e)
HANDLEBAR WRESTLING: Jaden Whitman – 1st Go: 6.8 (14e); 2NL Go: 5.6 (15e); 3rd Ga: 3.8 (*1st)
FIXING CONSTRUCTION: Wyatt Jensen – 1st Go: 13.6 (17e); 2NL Ga: 9.0 (6e); 9.3 (7e)
FIXING CONSTRUCTION: Wes Shaw – 1st Goose; 2NL Goose; 3rd Ga: 12.9 (21st)
FIXING CONSTRUCTION: Bode spring – 1st Go: 11.0 (10e); 2NL Go: 10.5 (15e); 3rd Go: 10.4 (14e)
BARS: Tayla Moeykens – 1st Go: 14.03 (3rd); 2NL Go: 13.99 (2NL); 3rd Go: 13.70 (1st)
BARS: Alexis McDonald – 1st Go: 14.55 (25e); 2NL Go: 14.66 (15e); 3rd Go: 14.32 (13e)
BREAK AWAY: Tayla Moeykens – 1st Goose; 2NL Go: 3.9 (31st); 3rd Go: 3.1 (*5e)
BREAK AWAY: Meghan McGinley – 1st Goose; 2NL Goose; 3rd Go: 2.6 (9e en route)
GOAT BINDING: Breyer Newman – 1st Go: 6.6 (11e); 2NL Go: 7.9 (34e); 3rd Ga: 7.1 (19e)
GOAT BINDING: Jessica Stevens – 1st Go: 6.7 (13e); 2NL Go: 10.3 (42NL); 3rd Go: 7.5 (*11e)
*-Round in progress, Tuesday’s results in italics