Bill Pullman wishes he hadn’t waited so long to work in television

Throughout his decades-long career, actor Bill Pullman has proven to be a shapeshifter, in the best sense of the word. From his breakout role in Mel Brooks’ parody Space ballsuntil his rom-com protagonist enters While you were sleepingto his beloved fictional President of the United States in the action film Independence Day, to his approach to a neo-noir tone Lake Placid… These are just a few examples of his wildly varied take on the “everyman” type.

In recent years he has taken on more and more television roles. These include multiple seasons of murder mystery anthologies, The sinnerand now the Lifetime miniseries Murdaugh Murders: The Movie, where he plays real-life convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh. says Pullman The treatment about Murdaugh’s addictions – both to painkillers and to lying about his indiscretions. He talks about how many of the texts in the series came directly from court testimony. And he admits he wishes he hadn’t waited so long to work in television.