Will the 18th Lok Sabha start on a positive note: Kiren Rijiju to work with all parties

As the country gears up for the commencement of the 18th Lok Sabha session on June 24, 2024, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju expressed optimism and set expectations for the newly elected MPs. In a tweet, Minister Rijiju expressed his hope that the MPs will uphold the rich traditions of the Indian Parliament, enhance its glory and uphold the dignity of the House in serving the nation.

“The first session of the 18th Lok Sabha will commence on June 24, 2024. I am hopeful that all the newly elected Honorable Members will contribute to preserving the rich traditions of the Indian Parliament, enhance its glory and enhance the dignity of the Indian Parliament will uphold. the house to serve the nation,” Minister Rijiju tweeted.

Besides setting expectations for MPs, Minister Rijiju also highlighted the government’s proactive stance in fostering a collaborative and constructive parliamentary environment. He stated: “The government positively looks forward to working with all political parties and honorable members to ensure the smooth functioning of Parliament, with debates and discussions of very high quality,” underscoring the importance of cooperation between both parties and meaningful discourse in parliamentary proceedings. .

The upcoming session of the Lok Sabha holds immense significance as it marks a new chapter in India’s legislative journey, bringing together diverse voices and perspectives to address pressing national issues and shape policies for the country’s progress.