You Won’t Believe How Much Kobe Bryant’s Game Worn Jersey from the Night He Torre His Achilles Just Sold – NBC Los Angeles

The world of sports memorabilia continues to amaze, but even seasoned collectors were impressed by the recent Goldin 100 auction.

Organized by the iconic Goldin Auctions and supported by the recent acquisition of eBay, this event has set new records and turned heads with its extraordinary line-up.

The auction, which featured 50 of the most sought-after collectibles, saw a bidding war for items of significant historical and sentimental value.

The highlight? Kobe Bryant’s game-worn, photo-matched and autographed Los Angeles Lakers home jersey from the fateful night of April 12, 2013, when he tore his Achilles tendon.

This wasn’t just any sweater; it was a piece of history, bearing the sweat and spirit of one of basketball’s greatest moments of triumph and tragedy.

That night, despite his injury, Kobe scored 34 points, dished out four assists and grabbed five rebounds. It was a game that epitomized his ruthless determination and legendary status.

After an intense bidding war, this iconic shirt sold for a whopping $1,220,000. It’s a testament to Kobe’s lasting legacy and the profound impact he had on the sport and its fans.

But Kobe’s jersey wasn’t the only star of the show.

Michael Jordan’s 2003-04 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Ultimate Logos Signature card, considered by Ken Goldin himself to be the “best Michael Jordan card ever,” broke records and sold for an astonishing $2,928,000.

This unique card, featuring the NBA logo from an in-game Jordan jersey and His Airness’ signature, now holds the title of the best-selling Michael Jordan card ever.

Other notable sales included Michael Jordan’s “Shattered Backboard” game-used and twice-signed 1985 Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers, which fetched $444,080. Photo-matched and steeped in history, the sneakers are a reminder of Jordan’s impact on and off the court.

Equally impressive was the 1957 Mickey Mantle MVP season game used New York Yankees home jersey, which sold for $457,500. Worn during multiple home run games and Mantle’s only hit for the cycle game, this jersey is a beloved piece of baseball history.

In addition, a rare 1890-92 John H. Ryder Studio Cabinet Cy Young rookie card sold for $500,200, and a 1917-20 M101-6 Felix Mendelsohn Joe Jackson card fetched $256,200. These sales underscore the timeless appeal and value of vintage sports memorabilia.

These record-breaking auctions reflect not only the financial value, but also the deep emotional connections that fans and collectors have with these iconic athletes and moments. Each item is a story, a piece of history that still resonates with generations of sports fans.

The allure of owning a tangible piece of sports history is undeniably powerful. It’s about more than just monetary value; it’s about preserving a moment in time, a symbol of greatness and a tribute to the legends who shaped the world of sports.

Whether it’s Kobe’s jersey, Jordan’s card or Mantle’s jersey, these items carry a legacy that transcends the game and embodies the passion, dedication and unforgettable moments that make sports so compelling.