Scotland has its national performance to thank for its defeat of Germany – Pat Nevin

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It’s not about what happened. It’s about what’s going to happen next.

As we look back bleakly on Scotland’s heavy defeat to Germany on Friday evening, it was always possible that something like this could happen to us.

My thinking before that was if we were at our best we might have had a draw, but that wasn’t the case. The Germans were much more into it, more confident. Toni Kroos was fantastic, their two wide players were exceptional.

They saw where our weaknesses were and went after them. It’s really good technical management.

It’s a tough evening for the players. And also a tough night for the head coach, Steve Clarke.

Porteous owes an apology for horror tackle

Steve will be sensible but serious about what happened Friday night.

He obviously knows these things better than I do, but I would have loved to have had little Billy Gilmour there. These tournaments are all about keeping the ball because if you give it away you don’t get it back for five minutes and you end up chasing shadows.

When you play against top technical teams, all you have to do is hold the ball. He is our best.

Steve will go over every aspect of the game. While I don’t think he’ll make every technical foul and bad pass, that’s not the problem.

We had a game plan that really, really, really didn’t work. So when that happens, you’re like, ‘Okay, let’s look at this.’

In the end we played 5-4-1 and that didn’t work for us. You can’t let that happen against the Swiss, and I don’t think Steve will. He will think: ‘how can I change it?’.

I mean, you get one sent to you, but it was already done before that. It already looked like four, five or six.

Ryan Porteous will be disappointed because he let himself down.

It was a terrible tackle. Hopefully I’m being so honest that when I saw the replay I wanted him sent away. I don’t want a tackle like that to happen to anyone.

The first thing he should do is apologize to Ilkay Gundogan. The red mist comes down and he does it out of desperation, but you can’t do that. Your teammates are now devastated after chasing shadows.

It’s a big mistake, but has it made a big difference? Probably not.

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“Are you responding or nodding?”

There’s no point in crying about Friday’s result, it’s gone now. Players are not like that, we have had that throughout our career. If we worried about every defeat, you would never be a footballer.

I’ve been in some bad ones. I remember a 5-1 defeat against Portugal, who were a good team, but still. We never thought anyone could beat us 5-1 because we were a good team.

It’s not about that match, it’s about the next match. Do you bow?

If we come out with a good attitude and positivity against the Swiss, play like we have played in a number of games over the last few years, we have a good chance.

The heroes of the evening were the Scotland fans.

There’s nothing worse at the end of a game when you’re down 5-1 (and it could have been more) and have to stay out. You just can’t let them down, given the way they came here and supported the team.

They will be needed in Cologne. Everyone will have to give back more. You can’t ignore it.

Believe me, the players believe the fans and the country are owed a performance now.

Pat Nevin spoke to BBC Sport Scotland’s Scott Mullen