“Long construction work”: trains are not punctual

In May, only a few Deutsche Bahn long-distance trains ran on time. Construction and an aging rail community continue to pose problems for commuters.


The long-distance trains of Deutsche Bahn (DB) have been running just a little extra punctually lately. In May, only 63.1% of IC and ICE trains reached their locations without major delays, the company announced in Berlin. In April the rate was 64.3% and in March 67.6%. A late workout will be taken into account regardless of whether it is delayed by six minutes or more.

The increased construction work has also affected the timing of the ICE and IC trains in May, the railways said. DB has continued to strengthen the rail community so that building as few websites as possible slows down site visitors in the run-up to the European Football Championship.

Due to the aging of the community in many areas, rail passengers have been affected by excessive levels of rail reliability for years. The so-called punctuality of holidaymakers fell to 68.1% in May, compared to 70.2% in April. It shows the variety of long-haul passengers who arrived at their holiday destination on time within the month in question. Delays of fifteen minutes or longer are included in the calculations. To do that, it additionally exercises information with cancellations that have an effect on punctuality. (dpa)

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