“Sautan became a friend…” When Anjana Singh danced at Nidhi Jha’s wedding, Yash Kumar kept watching.

New Delhi. Anjana Singh is one of the highest paid actresses of the Bhojpuri industry. Audiences of all ages love the actress. Everyone seems desperate for a glimpse of Anjana Singh. Every film or music video of Anjana is loved by the audience as soon as it is released. In such a situation, nowadays a video of Anjana Singh is going viral on social media but there is a little twist in this video. Because Anjana Singh acts like a friend with her real co-wife in this. Let’s know the whole thing!!

When the co-wife became a friend!

In this music video, Anjana Singh acts like a friend with her real-life co-wife, actress Nidhi Jha. Not only this, Anjana also dances vigorously at Nidhi’s wedding. Here not only Anjana dances, but she also makes her co-wife Nidhi Jha, dressed in bridal attire with all sixteen decorations, dance a lot.

Now you must be wondering whether Anjana Singh really attended her co-wife’s wedding i.e. her ex-husband’s wedding? So let us tell you that this music video is actually from Anjana Singh and Nidhi Jha’s film released in the year 2021. “A little anger, a little love” hit songs from “Die after eating jaggery” This song is sung by Khushbu Jain. While the lyrics of the song are written by Rajesh Mishra and the music is given by Munna Dubey. This song was shot in the wedding sequence of the film where Nidhi Jha is seen as a bride. Let us tell you that besides Anjana Singh, Nidhi Jha and her husband Yash Kumar also worked in this film.

Talking about the real life of these three, Anjana married Yash in 2013 but they both got divorced in the year 2018. This couple also has a daughter Aditi. The reason for Anjana and Yash’s separation is also said to be the growing bond between Yash and Nidhi. However, later Yash Kumar married Nidhi Jha in 2022 and he also has a son from this marriage.

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