Former Chick’s site in West Haven was looking for restaurants and food trucks

“When we thought about this, we didn’t want to be one-dimensional; we wanted to try to appeal to everyone,” he said. “It’s all-inclusive, for families and people of all ages.”

Initially, the development team expected to build a food hall development similar to local attractions such as East Rock Market in New Haven and Hubspoke Kitchen in Wallingford, featuring multiple food vendors in one building with an indoor culinary courtyard.

“We ultimately pivoted because we looked at our greatest asset: the beach and the water,” he said. According to him, setting up a food market would require a larger indoor space. Marone, who gave a brief overview of the concept, which will feature beers from 24 local breweries, at an event announcing the reopening of Beach Street, said the increase has reinvigorated both the development and insurability of the project.

Marone said an indoor restaurant and food trucks are planned, as well as a seasonal ice cream bar, a U-shaped tiki bar and artificial grass with a fire pit.

“We want to create a space where it’s casual and fun or brewery-like,” he said.

According to documents obtained from the city’s planning department, developers initially planned to add housing to the food market concept. Marone said Friday that plan has been abandoned.

The development as proposed must pass through several city review boards, including the Inland Wetlands Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning and Zoning Commission.