New owners look to the future

Ed and Krissy Haas took over the 35 ace building on June 3.

NEWCOMERSTOWN − When Krissy and Ed Haas moved to the Newcomerstown neighborhood from Alliance four years ago, they never expected they would become the owners of Yellow Butterfly Winery.

“We originally moved here to be halfway between our grandchildren and my job. We bought a house near the winery and of course became friends with former owners Michael and JoAnn White, who started Yellow Butterfly 15 years ago and 100-year-old dairy barn to what it is today,” says Ed. “The estate covers 35 hectares. We became the official owners on Monday June 3. We would like to thank Michael for passing the torch and trusting us to continue the legacy of Yellow Butterfly Winery.”

The wine offering will not change. They maintain the wide variety of wines including sweet fruit, semi-sweet and dry wines. The recipes are pretty much the same as before.

However, the couple already has plans to expand.

“We hope to build a wedding venue in the coming years called Butterfly Ridge Weddings and Events,” Krissy said. We can now host small weddings, but we want a much larger area to accommodate more people. Other plans include expanding the walkways around the property and decorating them with butterfly bushes, adding cornhole and other games and booking private Sunday events such as baby showers, wedding showers and more.

Each member of their family, in addition to their employees, will be involved in some stage of the business.

Their daughter Allison, who has veterinary experience, will help care for the farm animals, including horses, cows and alpacas at the winery. The alpacas can be viewed from the winery’s terrace while enjoying a glass of wine. The alpaca (Lama pacos) is a type of South American camelid mammal. It is similar and often confused with the llama. However, alpacas are often noticeably smaller than llamas.

Their son Nathan will be the winemaker’s assistant and his wife, Megan, an area native, will serve as senior wine steward. Nathan and Megan first met at the Yellow Butterfly Winery and later married on the premises.

Daughter Ashley will be events and marketing manager and her husband, Bruce Klinginsmith, will work on the agricultural side of the business. Sometimes you see their two children dancing to the live music on the terrace or visiting the alpacas.

Currently, The Yellow Butterfly offers food and live music on Saturdays, and the couple has applied for a Sunday wine license for special events.

Yellow Butterfly is open from January to December. Current hours and days are Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 6 p.m., Friday from noon to 7 p.m., and Saturday from noon to 8 p.m. They hope to expand Friday and Saturday hours in the near future and will announce their grand opening in late July or August.

Ed concludes by saying, “We always lived on a farm before coming to Newcomerstown, and we love our home here on Blue Ridge Road, the winery, the community and the people we have already met,” said Ed . meet many more locals and people on holiday or visiting the area. Krissy and I also want to get more involved with Newcomerstown and all the exciting updates and plans for the revitalization of the village.”

Yellow Butterfly Winery is located at 11661 Blue Ridge Road, just outside of Newcomerstown. Visit their Facebook page for more information.