Delinquent property taxes are a potential budget benefit – Chico Enterprise-Record

The ER published properties with property tax delinquencies exceeding $1 million as Butte County Supervisors consider raising sales taxes.

Collect the property taxes, including after so many years of not paying taxes, and auction the properties, instead of raising our sales taxes.

I voted No on the Republican Measure H sales tax in the city of Chico for one simple reason: there were no “guardrails” for taxpayers. None of the Republican candidates for Chico City Council publicly supported Measure H, but instead they got a few Democrats to run the campaign, which was thus used by the Republicans. Measure H was barely over. Republicans got the tax increase, reinforcing the stereotype that some Democrats have never seen a tax increase they couldn’t support.

When the Republican-controlled Chico City Council ran for office, they denounced excessive government spending and opposed tax increases, but during their time in office they doubled everyone’s sewer taxes.

Before we raise our taxes again, let’s hear from the four Republican county supervisors, the six Chico council members, the Butte County Republican Party, Assemblyman Gallagher, and Congressman LaMalfa all announcing their support for another tax increase. If not, that means there is no need to increase taxes.

The Legislature is considering billion-dollar bond measures for November. The Chico City Council is increasing City Manager Mark Sorensen’s salary to that of Governor Newsom, so Sorensen’s pension will cost taxpayers another $100,000 over the next few decades.

– Bob Mulholland, Chico