“Heritage Box” affirms cultural heritage

Artist Igor Rakocevic recently presented the “PG Heritage Box” project, which was supported by the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital, and co-financed with funds for co-financing of projects in the field of culture for 2023.

“The focus of the ‘PG Heritage Box’ project is on a rich work of book graphics Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin. Vuković is of great importance for the printing industry of Montenegro and the preservation and transmission of the written word,” Rakočević recalls.

“By establishing a printing house in Venice already at the beginning of the 16th century, he introduced our book into the general trends of European culture and enriched it stylistically with new artistic elements. With his work and meaning he left the framework of exclusively national expression and boundaries at the beginning of his work,” the statement said.

As he says, his project “PG Heritage Box” is about the promotion and contemporary contextualization of Vuković’s work, based on previously conducted research on Montenegrin medieval book graphics.

photo: Private archive

“The project was created with the aim of promoting the tradition of our printing and reaffirming the artistic graphics in Montenegro, which should find its legitimacy in contemporary graphic art, but also through the realization of the exclusivity of the six-century tradition of our printing and book images,” he explained.

“The materialized object is a cardboard box that, when folded, is intended to preserve, teach and remember. The unfolded box has on the front the author’s artistic image, which is intended for wall decoration,” the author describes and adds add that the The box is formed without gluing, but is assembled by positioning and grooving the sides.

“This feature is important for the possibility of ‘spontaneous’ interaction. By opening the box, the user can see the entire contents on both sides. The exterior consists of a contemporary graphic representation of motifs from the illustrated pages of Vuković’s works, which is printed across the entire side of the box using a combined technique of offset and screen printing. Recognizable motifs of illustrations and letter images form the dominant content,” says Rakočević.

According to him, “PG Historical Box” consists of three different models in relation to the graphic solution.

“By owning this object, the visitor becomes the owner of a small work of art, but also of a part of the historical cultural achievement of a small country, such as Montenegro,” claims Rakočević, who also points out that the “PG Heritage Box” is completely environmentally sustainable, can be recycled several times, but also that the product is produced entirely in Montenegro under valid standards.

“The project strongly affirms the cultural heritage of the capital and one of its important bearers and supports the culture of remembering great people and important events. Contemporary production based on cultural heritage is a strong generator of the development of creative industries and entrepreneurship as a The project partially meets the market shortage regarding artistic souvenirs and material and intangible representations of the capital’s culture,” Rakočević believes.