Iranian diplomat points to terrorist threats from Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan Reza Amiri-Moghaddam said terrorist groups have had an “enduring presence” in Afghanistan and have posed threats to Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia and Central Asian countries.

In an interview with the Center for Research and Security Studies, Amiri-Moghaddam noted that these groups are resisting the Taliban’s efforts to build unity in Afghanistan. “Given this history of terrorism in Afghanistan, the Taliban must learn from their past mistakes and work to take control of the country,” he said.

The diplomat urged the Taliban to build trust between neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Russia and China. “The Taliban should work with regional countries to promote trade, cultural exchange and other activities,” he said. “This will provide peace and security to the people of this region, instead of wasting energy in the fight against terrorism.”

The lack of an inclusive government and the terrorist threats emerging from Afghanistan under Taliban rule are the main concerns of the international community regarding Afghanistan. Amiri-Moghaddam’s comments underscore the need for the Taliban to address these issues and promote regional cooperation.