Fardeen Khan says his father Feroz Khan ‘took loans’ to make films, recalls times when they faced financial crises: ‘There were some tough days’ | Bollywood News

Fardeen Khan talked about his childhood and how his famous father, film star Feroz Khan, took loans to finance his films.

fardeen khan with feroz khanFeroz Khan with son Fardeen Khan. (Photo: Express Archives)

Actor Fardeen Khan, who was recently seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi, talked about his childhood and how his famous father, movie star Feroz Khan, took out loans to finance his projects. Fardeen looked back about his childhood, and shared that there were times when the Khan family would cut back on holidays and have smaller celebrations when things got tough. While they were protected from the harsh world, they learned the value of hard work, he said. Fardeen also said that his mother worked as an air hostess with Air India and supported her family.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Fardeen said, “My father became a producer with his first film, Apradh, which released in 1972. In those days you were personally financially responsible.” Fardeen said producers were “taking loans” to make their own films at high interest rates, and it was “scary for everyone.” “Yes, we have seen days that were difficult. My upbringing was very real. In fact, we were protected from the industry as much as possible… and not made to feel entitled to having a famous parent,” he said.

Fardeen said that while his parents made sure they were always financially secure, otherwise “we were left to our own devices, we had to make it.” “My parents both worked, both self-made. My mother too, she worked at Air India for about 9 years. She was a flight attendant. She also worked, she supported her family. My father is self-made. They know the value of things. They know how hard it was to get things done. It was very important for them to teach us,” he said.

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Fardeen recalled that they went on a month-long family vacation every year, but there were times when that didn’t happen. Sometimes, due to a financial crisis, they had “a smaller birthday party.” He quickly added that “it wasn’t that there was no food on the table.” He concluded: ‘I don’t want to downplay it. I know that life is hard for many people and I don’t want my story to sound like ‘I’ve had some tough days or whatever’. Yes, everything is relative, so from that context there were some tough days, tough months and tough periods.”

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