Woman defended after mother finds her ‘tea bag pillow’ that everyone has

A woman has been defended after her mother slammed her ‘tea bag pillow’, which is apparently used by many people.

People here are wondering if ‘we live the same life’ after a woman shared a viral photo of her new pillow next to her old, much more yellow pillow.

As an impartial journalist, I think that if your pillow looks like it should be dipped in hot water and brewed, accompanied by a touch of milk, something is very wrong.

However, it seems I’m in the minority.

It turns out that many of us apparently have “the same yellow pillow,” as shown by X user @effy6stonem.

Taking to the platform, she shared an image of her pillow collection, followed by the caption: “Got a new pillow, gotta say goodbye to my old one 🙁 mom saw it and got mad.”



The post has apparently divided people in the comments, as some people found it quite ‘disgusting’.

“That pillow looks like an old, weathered pirate treasure map you found in a bottle fished out of the ocean,” one person wrote.

“Pillow almost developed its own ecosystem,” joked a second.

“You know you need to wash your pillows,” a third added.

“That pillow has been through all kinds of things,” a fourth suggested.

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(Getty Stock Images)

Meanwhile, X user took it to a survey and more than 53 percent suggested she should “keep the old one.”

“No, you guys don’t understand that a yellow pillow will give you the best night’s sleep. You’ll drool like crazy, a yellow pillow will give you good dreams,” someone said.

“The tea bag pillows got you through some tough times,” wrote a second.

“My dad had his confiscated but we will always remember the name was “soft” yes it had a name,” a third revealed.



Why pillows turn yellow

Sleep Foundation certified sleep science coach Lauren Fountain said, “We’ve all been there: You buy a pillow and over time, yellow spots start to appear on the surface. Although it may seem like this discoloration is simply due to a sign of aging, there are actually specific reasons why a pillow turns yellow.

Pillows turn yellow due to several factors, most of which have to do with the accumulation of moisture. Sweat, drool, wet hair, and even skin care products can contribute to yellow stains on a pillow. And these spots are more than just unsightly. Over time, they can harbor bacteria and allergens, potentially affecting the quality of your sleep and your health.

To prevent your pillows from turning yellow, she recommends using a pillow protector and a good pillowcase.

“A pillow protector is a sealed layer of fabric that goes between your pillowcase and your pillow. Pillow protectors act as an extra layer between your pillow and the moisture that can discolor it.

“No two sleepers are the same, and different sets of bedding are better suited for different types of sleepers. That said, pillowcases with higher quality construction are more likely to keep moisture away from your pillow and slow the yellowing process.”

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