Spanish animation embraces international co-production, under one condition: ‘Passion is mandatory’

Spanish Animation is ready for more international collaborations in the near future, but there is one condition: “Passion is mandatory,” says Álvaro García González of Hampa Studio. Behind ‘The Treasure of Barracuda’, the company is currently focusing on Latin America.

“Anyone who makes animation needs passion. Otherwise you would work in another industry. We are a great country to co-produce with. Also because of very competitive prices, compared to the rest of Europe.”

Speaking at Annecy’s Animation from Spain: The Spanish Animation Industry Spotlight panel, González was joined by Morgana Studios’ Daysi Cruz Cid, who joined forces with ReachStar and ReDefine Originals for the upcoming Dominican Republic baseball pic “Diamante.”

“We care a lot about people and culture. That’s why ‘Diamante’ was born. We wanted to give something back to the Dominican Republic. Once again it is about passion and the pursuit of happiness. We are proud…