Land dispute escalates near Dhatkidih Chowk, Jamshedpur

Conflict over construction work stopped by Kadma police; court decision pending.

Two sides clashed over land near Dhatkidih Chowk, leading to police intervention and halt to construction work.

JAMSHEDPUR – On Saturday, a dispute over construction work on a plot of land near Dhatkidih Chowk under Kadma police station escalated into a clash between two parties.

The land issue has been in court for years without a solution.

One side has repeatedly tried to start construction on the disputed land, which the other side has consistently resisted.

On Saturday morning, one party unlocked the site and attempted to begin construction.

When the opposing party heard of this, they quickly arrived and vehemently opposed the construction efforts.

The situation quickly became chaotic.

When Kadma police received information about the clash, they rushed to the spot.

Police intervened, pacified both sides and halted construction work.

The incident highlights the ongoing tension and unresolved legal status of the country in question.

Authorities have managed to defuse the immediate conflict, but the underlying issue remains unresolved pending a court decision.