Man loses job abroad after Nigerian lady in Britain reported him to his employer, details emerge

  • A man has told how someone in Britain was fired for reporting a Nigerian lady
  • He said the fired man was the lady’s colleague and that they had worked the night shift together
  • After the service, the Nigerian lady came home and did the unexpected, which resulted in the dismissal of her colleague

A Nigerian social media influencer, @Wizarab10, has revealed that a man was fired after a Nigerian lady reported him to his British employer.

@Wizarab10 noted that the Nigerian lady reported her colleague for sleeping during her shift.

Mixed reactions when man was fired in Britain after a Nigerian lady reported him
A man was fired from his British job. The images used here are for illustrative purposes and do not relate to the story. Photo credit: FG Trade, Jonathan Erasmus
Source: Getty Images

He said that the lady and her colleague worked together on the night shift and got along well as friends.

When the Nigerian lady returned home, she sent an email to her employer, which led to the man’s dismissal. @Wizarab10 wrote:

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“Nigerians in Britain are very ridiculous. Babe has indicated to her colleague that she sleeps during the night shift. This is supported by living at home. You can easily take turns sleeping. They talked normally and wrote an official report.

“Babe went home and sent an email to the employer and they fired the guy.”

See his tweet below:

The action of a Nigerian lady in Great Britain is causing reactions

@Ralphdegre8 said:

“It could probably be that the man insulted her, or how could she even think of doing this to a colleague? I’m sure she is well aware of the consequences of her action, too bad.”

@iworld_i said:

“Omo, I’m telling you, I had to call a customer recently and it turned out to be a Nigerian man, after I spoke to the man and explained what we needed from him and had a good conversation, so the man called my office as soon as I call to complain about the time I’m calling and why I’m calling. Luckily I followed company guidelines.

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@praiseogre said:

“Only darlings, they do things like that, guys don’t have the energy for that.”

@emrayiam said:

“Why are some Nigerians bitter towards each other? Yet they pretend to be cool with you, but deep down they harbor malice towards you.”

@adxjnr said:

“Nigerians take a fellow countryman to Britain, very common.”

@hashtagtweets said:

“Nigerians and more do that when they reach Britain, too much. You would think Nigerians are not US and other countries.”

@PrettyMfon said:

‘Why I don’t want to live in the Nigerian neighborhood because I live. Lived in the Spanish neighborhood and now the Haitian neighborhood. I like it so much because I can’t scream.’ reported that a British company fired a Nigerian lady after she made a video online bragging about her job.

Nigerian man loses job in Britain

In the meantime, previously reported that a Nigerian man who brought his wife to Britain had lost his job.

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According to him (@adereality_55), his friend was a senior nurse before he was fired due to the issue between him and his wife. The man now lives in a room that is a far cry from the well-appointed two-bedroom flat he used to stay in.

His friend said he gave him £100 (N184,598.30) and that he would come over and show his support for what he was going through.