‘Inside Out 2’ | Anatomy of a scene

“My name is Kelsey Mann and I am the director of ‘Inside Out 2.’ So here in this scene we see Joy and the original emotions coming into this new space that is in Riley’s imagination. And it is an area that is taken over by fear. She works with all these mind workers to come up with worst-case scenarios of what could happen to Riley the next day and how she could screw it all up. “Riley misses an open goal. Coach writes about it in her notebook. Yes, more like that.” “Oh no. They’re using Riley’s imagination against her.” “And Joy wants to stop that at all costs. I always imagined this would be a film about fear taking over and thought about my own life and how my fear does that in me hitting the pillow, I start thinking about the next day, thinking and worrying about what could go wrong and how I can avoid those things a little bit. And I thought this might be something that a lot of people can identify with.” “Why are you drawing a hippopotamus?” “I am not. I’m drawing. Riley.” “Joy, you forgot her ponytail.” “Oh, I love her ponytail. Yes.” “Riley scores and everyone hugs her? 81? That doesn’t help.” “Visually I always imagined this space as a bunch of workers in cubicles. But we think: this place is in Imagination Land. And that’s what it really was: Jason Deamer is our production designer and Josh West is the art director of our sets. They came up with the really fun idea of ​​using giant playing cards as the walls of the boxes.” “Who sent that projection to Riley?” “Why would I know that?” “What is going on? Who’s sending all this positive – Joy, I know you’re in there. “And then we say, wait a minute, what if the workers are actually animating? What if they sign on animation agencies?’ “Don’t listen to fear. She uses these horrible projections to change Riley. “A lot of this is based on a group of oppressed workers ultimately rising up against their employer and their boss. And we were definitely inspired by a few scenes. There were three in particular that I would mention: “Field of Dreams,” where she stands talking about the book burning. Then there’s ‘Jerry Maguire’, where he said, come on, everyone. Join me. I’ll stop and come with me. And the really iconic one was ‘Norma Rae,’ where she stands up and organizes unions and makes everyone turn off their machines.” “Yes, here we go.” “What if Riley is so bad that she has to give up hockey forever?” “What if Riley does so well that the coach cries, and the Olympics call and she takes a tired nation to victory?” “Um, Joy, reality is a thing too.” “And also ‘Network.’ Anger’s speech here was 100 percent influenced by ‘Network.’ ‘Nightmares. But you don’t have to put up with it anymore.” “And what better person than Lewis Black to make such a speech.” (MUSIC PLAYING) “Oh, my projections!” “Pillow fight!” “Riley!” “You have to be prepared.”