Mason Walters works hard to get professional basketball opportunities – Jamestown Sun

JAMESTOWN — In the weeks after graduating from the University of Wyoming, Mason Walters continues to work toward realizing his dream of playing professional basketball.

On March 21, Walters signed with One Motive Sports, a sports agency based in Arkansas. Since May 5, Walters has been training in Jonesboro, Arkansas, as he prepares to sign with a team after the NBA Draft concludes on June 27.

“It was amazing. I was able to train and train with them, they were good people overall,” Walters said. “I’ve had people who were able to push me and grow as a player. …. I’ve gotten much better. That was amazing. The opportunity to have the Pro Day in LA (Los Angeles) was also pretty awesome, a cool experience. I feel like overall I’ve gotten better and grown as a player.”

In the six weeks since he arrived, Walters said he has been working out on the field one to two times a day and lifting weights two to three times a week. Walters said his jump shot is the most improved skill in his game.

“Honestly just my shot, a lot of shooting, from catch-and-shoot threes, threes on the move and my mechanics in general,” Walters said of what he has been working on. “I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better at that, focusing on my shot as a whole and getting better from my mechanics to working on shots along the way.”

On May 21, Walters participated in the NBAPA Agency Pro Day at the UCLA Health Training Center in front of front office members from all 30 NBA teams. Walters said he was nervous while training for the front office representatives, but the nervousness went away once the training started.

“It was a great experience and something I will remember and look back on,” Walters said. “It was kind of fun to walk into the Lakers practice facility and they have all their championship trophies there and they have a lot of history in the facility itself. So to be a part of that and be able to train in front of NBA scouts was great. It was incredible.”

As for how the training itself went, Walters said he was happy with his performance.

“I shot the ball pretty well and had some good stretches,” Walters said. “It was a total of an hour of training there in Los Angeles. I feel like I did a good job, I thought it went well overall.”

During his senior season at the University of Wyoming, Walters played in 22 games, averaging 12.2 points, 2 assists and 5.4 rebounds per game.

Walters is one of 53 current One Motive Sports clients. Walters said he and the other clients who live and train at the agency haven’t had a single scrimmage in the first six weeks.

“We’re not necessarily doing one-on-ones just to make sure everyone is fresh and doesn’t get hurt,” Walters said. “Everyone, whether it’s a target practice, is trying to win the target practice. I feel like everyone down here is very supportive of each other and wants everyone to succeed. So I feel like it’s been great, just in that aspect of everyone pushing each other and being there for each other throughout the whole process.”

For the foreseeable future, Walters said he will wait and see what his next steps are. He said he will speak with teams when it comes time to make a decision on who to sign with.

“I’ll be here for about another week and a half and figure out what my next step is from there,” Walters said. “I’ll be back in Jamestown later in June. So just finish the workouts here, see what happens and then take the process as it comes.

On June 13, Walters drove to Memphis to train with the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies. Walters said he was working on five other draft proposals.

“I thought it went pretty well,” Walters said. “I thought I competed well. I would have liked to photograph better. I didn’t shoot too bad, but I thought I shot OK, I would have liked to have shot a little better. But overall I thought it went really well and I was happy with how I did, to be honest, because it was my first training.

Walters said he has been playing two-on-two and three-on-three matches, shooting drills and agility drills. He said he believes he reached a height of 11 feet, 7 inches in the vertical jump.

Walters also had a 15-minute interview with Memphis Hustle’s general manager Zachary Kleiman. The Memphis Hustle is the G-League team of the Memphis Grizzlies.

“They asked me questions about my journey so far, some things about my game and how I see myself translating to the next level,” Walters said. “Those were the main topics of discussion. I thought it was good and overall a really great experience.”

Walters said the team hasn’t given him any feedback.

Walters has no other practices scheduled from Thursday, June 13. Walters said he is excited to see where he will play professional basketball next year.

“I’m definitely excited,” Walters said. “There is a lot of unknown and uncertainty, but that is part of basketball and the situation I am in now. So focusing, taking each day as it comes and trying to get better basketball-wise every chance I get. So just attacking training by training and then keeping the confidence and knowing that I have a great opportunity in front of me, staying focused and working on getting better and better.