Annamalai praised Tamilisai for her hard work and dedication to the party

In a recent speech, Annamalai, a prominent figure in the party, expressed his sincere appreciation for Tamilisai’s unwavering dedication and hard work.

Praise for tireless efforts

Annamalai highlighted Tamilisai’s significant contributions to the party’s growth and success and termed her relentless efforts as instrumental.

Recognition of leadership

At a recent meeting, Annamalai praised Tamilisai for her continued dedication and hard work for the party.  Highlighting her significant contributions, Annamalai highlighted the impact of Tamilisai's efforts on the party's growth and success.

Annamalai highlighted Tamilisai’s leadership qualities and commended her role in advancing the party’s agenda with passion and perseverance.

Looking forward

As the party moves forward, Annamalai urges members to take inspiration from Tamilisai’s exemplary efforts to set a benchmark for future endeavours.

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