Mattarella: ‘Men have an enormous need for female contribution’

ROME – “I have always been convinced that the male gender in our country should be grateful when a woman grows up. Men have an enormous need for female contributions, in an absolutely equal way, and this event, which will be celebrated tonight at the Colosseum, is the opportunity to underline how far we have come, even if it is not yet enough.” For example, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, received the women who received the Marisa Bellisario Prize in 2024 at the Quirinale.

For the head of state, this is the opportunity “to take stock of the state of the country” to understand “where we stand in terms of improving times: we must take note of the progress, the world is looking better , the variety of presence of the award-winning is emblematic of how fortunately the presence of female protagonists is spreading in general, everywhere and increasingly, from the top of the judiciary to the very top, to journalism, to cinema, to the world of economics, of banking, of industry to the activities of engineering, scientific research, aspects in which the presence of women is manifested and spread for the common benefit”.