The Mawrie clan plants trees to transform the area around the ossuary into a sacred forest

A tree plantation campaign was organized by the Dorbar Kur Mawrie to celebrate World Environment Day, to combat climate change and to establish the age-old concept of a sacred forest on the grounds of the Mawrie Clan Ossuary in Lum Kur Mawrie, Lyngkien Shyiap Mylliem.

The event was attended by Syiem Ainam Manik Syiem as chief guest and representatives of Synjuk Ki Rangbah Kur-Ka Bri U Hynniewtrep, Erwin Khnong Syiem Sutnga and Raphael Warjri as special guests.

President of Dorbar Kur Mawrie, Leonard Arun Mawrie, spoke about the origins of the Mawrie clan from the Marai Cave where the royal clan of Hima Shyllong emerged. He said that the Dorbar Kur Mawrie decided to carry out the tree plantation with the motive of converting the area around the ossuary of the Mawrie clan into the sacred forest and conserving the natural springs in the confluence of the hills as the water source for the nutrition of the population. flora and fauna and to provide people with drinking water.

The secretary of the clan, Johnnystar Mawrie, stated that the historic site was acquired from the ancestral owner of the land to come under the care of the Dorbar Kur Mawrie with the intention of preserving it for posterity.

During his speech, Syiem commended the efforts of the Mawrie clan and pledged to facilitate all possible assistance in support of the noble aspirations of the Dorbar Kur Mawrie. He expressed surprise and regret that the Mawrie clan was never included in the traditional governing council of elders in the Hima Shyllong, even when the illegitimate and vested interested individuals dishonestly defended positions in the council, including through an affidavit of people from other communities.