Wells Fargo fires employees who simulate work with ‘keyboard activity simulation’

Wells Fargo says it has fired more than a dozen employees for using software to mimic legitimate work activities on their computers.

According to Bloombergthe financial giant filed a report with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, saying the employee was “dismissed following a review of allegations relating to the simulation of keyboard activity that gave the impression of active work.”

Software used to imitate legitimate activity became increasingly popular during the pandemic as some employees working from home sought ways to game the system. The use of such software, often called ‘mouse movers’ or ‘mouse jigglers’, is one of the reasons why some employers take such a dim view of remote working, despite the many benefits for both employee and employer.

As the outlet notes, the filing does not reveal whether the employees in question were telecommuters or in-person employees. Regardless, Wells Fargo has made it clear that it will not tolerate such actions.

“Wells Fargo holds employees to the highest standards and does not tolerate unethical behavior,” a company spokesperson told the newspaper in a statement.