Essential car accessory? A dog. Ask a truck driver

The Baker County Sheriff’s Office in Florida received a call from the spokesman reporting that his brother, Brandon Gart, had not arrived at the family camp as planned yesterday afternoon. The family members found his car this morning, but could not reach him due to the terrain conditions.

This conversation was preceded by a drama starring one of Gart’s four dogs. The day before, he was driving his truck with the dogs, skidded on a sharp bend on the road and fell into a creek canal. One of the dogs managed to walk almost four kilometers to the family camp. The fact that he returned from the trip alone made it clear to the family that something very serious had happened.

It turned out that Gart managed to crawl about a hundred meters from the car, where he spent the night while the family looked for him. After finding his car in the morning and calling local police for help, sheriff’s office employees, U.S. Forest Service employees and members of the local rescue unit were alerted to the scene.

Rescue crews arrived on the scene and found the car. Gart was found several tens of meters away from the Tinder where he spent the night, and he was rescued with ropes and a rescue basket and taken to hospital. He was hospitalized in stable condition, without internal injuries. The other three dogs were found at the scene, two with fractures, and were also taken for treatment.