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  • Google Photos v6.87 introduces the ‘Undo backup for this device’ feature.

  • Users can delete backups in bulk while retaining local copies.

  • Ideal for managing large photo and video libraries in the cloud.

  • Improves user control over cloud storage and photo organization.

This The long-awaited functionality, internally called “Undo Backup for this device,” will appear in the Google Photos app, putting an end to a lot of frustration among those with massive cloud photo libraries.

While there’s no word on when exactly it will appear, the functionality is already available in v6.87.

Currently, Google Photos lets users choose which device folders are backed up in a very selective way.

however, the The ability to bulk delete existing backups made from a particular device has been missing until now.

This This feature fills this gap, allowing users to manage their cloud storage comfortably.

According to a recent report, the app’s code contains new strings that indicate an option called “Undo backup for this device.” The description provided states that this feature “deletes all photos and videos backed up from this device to Google Photos, without deleting anything from your device.”

Selective deletion, retained originals

Selective deletion, retained originals

Immediately With a few taps, the users can delete all the backed up photos, videos, etc. from that device so that this cloud space is clean and the copy still remains local on the device itself for security reasons.

This new feature will be more welcomed among users who use Google Photos auto backup feature.

It means Huge photo and video libraries that may have been unknowingly uploaded to the cloud can now be easily cleaned up.

It also means that people who frequently switch devices can clean up their cloud storage by deleting old backups from older devices, likely giving the user the feeling of having a fresh start with their new gadgets rather than having to do it manually .

Empower users, improve experiences

Empower users, improve experiences

The addition of a bulk delete for backups will ultimately be a huge community upgrade for the user looking for a cleaner and more organized cloud storage space.

It gives the user control over their photo libraries and removes harmful manual deletion processes.

This move paves the way for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for organizing photos in the platform’s ecosystem as Google Photos continues to evolve.

All the more reason why managing cloud storage has never been smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new feature in Google Photos v6.87?

The new ‘Unbackup for this device’ feature allows users to bulk delete photos and videos backed up from a specific device, while keeping local copies intact.

How does the bulk delete feature benefit Google Photos users?

This feature helps users manage their cloud storage more efficiently by removing unnecessary backups from their cloud library, especially useful for those with large photo and video collections.

Can users still keep their photos locally after bulk deleting them from Google Photos?

Yes, the bulk delete feature removes backups from the cloud while keeping the original files on the user’s device.

Who finds Google Photos’ new feature most useful?

Users who frequently switch devices or use the Auto Backup feature frequently will find this feature useful in cleaning out old backups and managing their cloud storage.

When will the ‘Undo backup for this device’ feature be available?

The feature is already available in Google Photos v6.87, although no specific release date is mentioned for wider availability.


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