Brazil becomes the first in the world! Google announces a feature that prevents stolen or stolen mobile phones

Stolen or stolen Android mobile phones can take advantage of the new feature announced recently Googling. The technology giant announced on Tuesday 11 of this month that it will launch a feature in July that automatically locks the smartphone screen in these situations.

This new technology already has a name: ‘Block Theft Detection’, an idea presented by the major technology company based in Belo Horizonte. In practice, the theft detection ban will be activated via a mechanism that uses artificial intelligence.

If someone grabs the device or runs away, whether by car, on foot or on a bicycle, the system is activated.

How will the new ban on Google work?

Overall it’s a simple lock screen, nothing fancy. However, accessing a mobile phone requires biometric recognition or a password. After unlocking the device, the user will be notified that the locking mechanism has been activated due to the lock.

According to Google, the new feature may initially lead to involuntary bans, but there will be a good reason for this. This is because the tool is programmed to produce more false positive results than negative results. In other words, if there is any suspicion of theft, the screen will be immediately locked for the owner’s safety.

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Other forms of prohibition

In addition to the ban due to theft detection, Google has also announced that it will offer a targeting feature Automatic mobile phone lockin this case the connection to the Internet is automatically disconnected.

It is activated based on common behavior in the event of theft or theft, such as removing the SIM card, being in an unoccupied place for a long time or losing the connection for a long time. It is worth noting that the time has not yet been determined by the company. In both cases the screen will lock automatically.

In addition to these options, major tech companies have said they will also offer a remote blocking option, which can be found on the Find My Device page. The company’s goal is to make it difficult for criminals to quickly gain access to the device. The good news is that the page can be accessed via a third-party computer or smartphone, using just the phone number.