If the right cannot unite, Starmer will change Britain beyond recognition

If the polls are correct, our great country is sleepwalking into a very dangerous future. In just 19 days, Britain could be governed by more than 500 left-wing MPs. We are on the brink of a one-party state that will change our country for the worse.

How did we end up with the looming prospect of a socialist takeover that no one asked for? The simple answer is that the common-sense right-wing majority is fatally divided between the Conservatives and the Reforms. Our first-past-the-post election system means Reform splits the “small c” Conservative voting bloc and gives Labor a majority so big they could change our country for a generation.

Despite the combined vote share of the Conservative Party and Reform being at the same level as Labour’s, it is not unlikely that 85 percent of our elected MPs could come from the left. Even under the most optimistic scenarios, the reform could win only a handful of seats – while Conservative MPs who have sought lower taxes and reduced immigration would lose their seats to Labor.

So today I appeal to heads over hearts. I have enormous sympathy for those natural conservatives who feel abandoned and are drawn to reform. Not only do I understand their frustrations, I share many of them. The tax burden is too high, the criminal justice system too soft and public services too inefficient. My disagreements with the government over immigration policy caused me to resign from cabinet.

But ultimately a vote for reform will only give Labor a blank check to take our country back to the 1970s.

Some voters are so angry with the Tories that a Labor landslide is a price they are willing to pay. Once again, I have great sympathy for their frustrations and know that we must meet the expectations of the British public. That is the task I have dedicated myself to since my resignation. But don’t be fooled by Labour’s cautious public stance. Extreme ideas that Starmer and the Labor establishment are cunning enough to hide from view will quickly emerge if left unopposed.

Take illegal migration. The best way to prevent migrants from crossing the Channel is to detain and quickly deport anyone who comes here illegally. But Starmer’s policy could soon be: if you come here illegally from a safe country like France, you can sit back and stay.

A Labor Party with an elective dictatorship will be equally unrestrained in raising taxes. Labor cannot rule out an increase in fuel duty, council tax, capital gains tax or even mileage tax.

And there are so many more dangers. More expensive and inexplicable quangos from the government. The proliferation of toxic diversity, equity and inclusion policies that divide and discriminate against hardworking people. A foreign policy that puts the Davos man first and British workers last. Not to mention the likely surrender of our independent trade and regulatory policies to Brussels.

The effect of these changes would be disastrous. So we have to fight them while we have the chance. And I believe we still can. Anyone who has ever stood on the doorstep knows that there are millions of common-sense conservatives still thinking about how to vote in this election. I am convinced that they do not want our country to be run by Labor unopposed.

And this is why voting for reform cannot be the answer. It can only create a government that increases taxes and immigration. Their success can only weaken the conservative movement. The right cannot unite after the elections if there is no meaningful force in Parliament to unite around.

Our job is to make Conservatives across Britain aware of this danger. If we can do that, and argue that only a vote for the Conservative Party can prevent a disastrous one-party state on July 5, then we can avert disaster. And at the same time, we must rediscover our roots and build the truly conservative alternative that our country needs and that millions of people desire.