VOLVO TRUCKS The D’Innocenti Group buys 52 new cars for its fleet from the FCA dealer – Companies

The D’Innocenti Group – one of Italy’s leading gamers in the field of dedicated transport – has purchased 52 new cars from FCA, the historic Volvo Trucks dealer in Rome, to be used for specific medium and long-distance deliveries in Italy and Europe.

The company is led by its founder, Massimo D’Innocenti, currently supported by three of his four children, Daniele, Damiano and Sara. A profitable entrepreneurial story that started in 1985 with the first orders and continued with a relentless expansion of the range of motion. The technology is clearly the right one from the start: reinvest what is earned within the company, to have a continuously up-to-date fleet and to guarantee a tailor-made, reliable, punctual and adaptable transport service to production cycles.

By the 12 months of 2000, the progress adjustments will improve cooperation with the most important specific couriers and with it the cars and staff. The company is becoming more and more structured: since 2012, the arrival of the children has contributed to strengthening its presence on the market, with a diversification of its actions, to achieve ever greater effectiveness within the administration of companies.

The 52 Volvo Trucks cars delivered are part of a fleet of more than 200 road tractors and 400 semi-trailers, suitable for every type of product.

They are all FH 4×2 tractors and are equipped with a 420 hp D13 engine with turbo compound know-how, which uses extra power to deliver superior torque, ensuring energy and the most gas efficiency.

“I have chosen to buy Volvo cars again because, given the information, this ensures lower consumption and almost completely eliminates machine downtime. To remain available in the current market, it is important to work on margins, regardless of price increases. My cars cover an average of 130,000 km per 12 months: any reduction, even minimal, in prices and consumption, multiplied over the entire fleet, acquires a nice value,” said Massimo D’Innocenti, owner of the group.

Present at the delivery ceremony, together with the ownership of the D’Innocenti Group, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of FCA, Mr. Mario Cappelli, together with his gross sales force who had the opportunity to retrace the trail of the historical relationship with the customer and with the Volvo Trucks model, represented during the occasion by key account Enzo Battista.