Reverse driver on I-90 in Cleveland, Ohio

CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video obtained by FOX 8 News shows a wrong-way driver on Interstate 90 Thursday afternoon.

It wasn’t that the vehicle was going the wrong way; rather, it was pointed in the wrong direction.

While merging onto the highway, local videographer Khristian Santana captured a video that showed what appeared to be a red pickup truck on camera and later posted it to Instagram. He said he initially thought the truck was coming toward him or that he was being towed.

“It’s impressive that he’s still keeping up with traffic. I thought, ‘What the hell? That’s pretty impressive, all things considered.”

“But that is still unsafe. I thought, man, if I stayed behind him, I didn’t know if he would cause an accident.

Video provided to FOX 8 News by the Ohio Department of Transportation shows the truck merging onto the highway at West 84th Street. The vehicle continued to travel in the opposite direction, at least toward Fulton Road, where it remained out of view of the cameras, an ODOT spokesperson said.

Santana told FOX 8 News he received another video from the driver via social media, which showed the truck also backing up on the highway near Lorain. He said he believes the truck left the highway near West 25th Street.

A spokesperson for the Ohio State Highway Patrol said the patrol did not respond to the incident and surrendered to Cleveland police.

FOX 8 News has reached out to Cleveland Police for more information.