What two NFL insiders had to say about 49ers contract negotiations Brandon Aiyuk

Very little light has been shed on the contract negotiations between Brandon Aiyuk and the San Francisco 49ers.

Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle barely reported last week that the 49ers have an offer on the table for Aiyuk that will pay him $26 million annually. Clearly, assuming the report is true, it’s an offer that Aiyuk doesn’t like or he would have signed it by now.

There is no telling when the two sides will reach an agreement or if they ever will. Everything is on the table, including letting Aiyuk play in the final year of his deal. That was the echoing sentiment everywhere. NFL insiders Tom Pelissero and Judy Battista recently commented on the situation between Aiyuk and the 49ers.

“He made his statement to the 49ers, who have been trying to get a deal done,” Pelissero said on NFL Network’s “The Insiders” segment (h/t 49ers Webzone). “The price in a trade would be high if we were talking about a first-round pick and probably more,” Pelissero said. “When the 2024 draft was passed without a trade, all signs pointed to Aiyuk being on the 49ers in 2024. The real question now is, does he play that out? He’ll likely be tagged in 2025, and then we’ll see where it’s going. Or can they do that too?” find a path to get something done now?”

Intriguingly, Pelissero says “will probably be tagged” with Aiyuk. That seems to be where this is going for him, which is the final year of his deal and then eventually getting the franchise tag. Basically, he will be next year’s Tee Higgins hoping a deal can be reached.

But there is no reason to panic yet. An agreement on a contract extension is still very much on the table for Aiyuk and the 49ers. Patience is key here, as previous contract negotiations have shown us.

“Keep in mind, we’ve said this before, but San Francisco feels pretty comfortable during the summer,” Battista said. “They’re in no rush, and they’ve let the superstar contracts run until August. So we’ll see. We still have some time with San Francisco.”