Google team visits Pakistan for technical cooperation

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has announced that a high-level team from Google will soon visit Pakistan to explore possible cooperation in the field of education and technology.

According to the Ministry of Education, the purpose of the Google team’s visit to Pakistan is to improve educational outcomes and increase access to quality education, especially for out-of-school children.

The visit follows a request from the Ministry of Federal Education to Google to support Pakistan’s efforts to create a digital education system.

Google Advance teams have already conducted preliminary work and are excited about the opportunities for collaboration, it added.

The ministry also said a national workshop has been organized with stakeholders to explore technological solutions for out-of-school children.

Possible cooperation in the field of education and technology was also discussed.

“We are pleased to welcome the Google team to Pakistan and explore ways to use technology to improve education outcomes. This collaboration has the potential to transform the education landscape in Pakistan and expand access to quality education for all.” said Minister of Federal Education and Vocational Training.