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– works of art that build bridges between nations,
– the passage of DARWIN in Mauritius,
– absence of mother,
-dangerous idolatry,
– lack of chocolate.

Mondoblog Audio two of the day talks about the need to protect the tradition of the palaver tree on the one hand and the harmful habits of motorists on the roads of Togo on the other.

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🇧🇫 🎭 – Burkina Faso is filled with completely different people. Among them, the artist Abou SIDIBÉ, born in Ivory Coast, embodies the cultural connection between the two nations. Trained in Abidjan’s Kiyi district and the Bingerville Arts Center, he creates distinctive works by regularly reusing objects. The Burkinabe blogger Amos TRAORÉ talks about the series “Puiettes”, an example of this. Abou SIDIBÉ will soon exhibit at the Christophe Person gallery in Paris, strengthening the cultural change between France and Burkina Faso, two countries that currently have difficult diplomatic relations.

Photo: Anne David in Iwaria


«A person is at all times united by his fantastic masculinity and does not want to be happy with a humiliating secondary position. As the girl abandons herself to her establishments, she pretends to be a poor screenwriter who cannot determine what position is appropriate for herself, which very effectively prevents her from a common problem that harms her irreparably.»

MARINA TEM, Cameroon,


#Darwin #Maurice – Carole, from Mauritius, reveals the unknown aspect of Charles DARWIN, the famous British naturalist of the nineteenth century. In 1836 he visited Mauritius during his voyage aboard HMS Beagle. In his e-book » The voyage of the Beagle » unveiled in 1839, he describes how he noticed the island, from its splendor to its topography. He stayed with Captain John Augustus Lloyd, and although he contrasted the island with Tahiti – which he liked very much – he appreciated its appearance and its distinctive elephant.
🔗 Mauritius was noticed by Charles DARWIN

#Mother #Absence

As Mother’s Day is known, blogger Emilie MARCELIN he expresses his reality without the mother, defying the absence of visible memories: face, voice, smell. He speculates about her appearance and options, and regrets not having a place to reach out. She is insecure about her mother’s love and compares herself to various women and her mother, wishing her luck. The Haitian remains confused about his and his mother’s existence, wondering what their connection could be…
🔗 Except my mother’s story

#Football #Cameroon

In a robust subject, Pastor DEUDJUI it reveals the complexity of the ‘Christians’, the neologism that has designated individuals in Cameroon who love Samuel ETO’O. The worship that accompanies the blogger borders on deification and eclipses all rational thought. He criticizes their inconsistency and verbal violence, which exposes the excessive potential for political fraud. The blogger concludes that it is pointless to argue with them and calls them mysterious creatures. He warns of their undoubtedly dangerous influence on Cameroonian society.
🔗 “Abasonta” for dummies

#Football #Binationality

Although the video games that may be heading towards the World Cup qualifiers will be played this weekend, Alex TIMAUH conversations about the difficulties of two countries in the African football elections. He emphasizes that regardless of efforts to attract them, African groups usually succeed in recruiting second-rate gamers or players who do not want to deal with the European choice. The Ivorian bastard is characterized by amateurism and corruption, making the situation for these gamers worse than what they might encounter in Europe.
🔗 Stop operating after two nations

#Cake #Chocolate – Mélissa WYCKHUYSE

he says he had to make coconut-filled chocolate bars. But to replace coconut, she opted for desserts with turmeric and lemon. These last a very long time and are popular with strong tea. In reality, regardless of their identity, these desserts resemble cookies. A French blogger highlights the range of chocolate bars and talks about the problem of discovering them, even in Belgium. The nation is nevertheless often known as one of the many bastions of chocolate.
🔗These are turmeric-lemon desserts


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A palaver tree by the way Louis DORSOUMA, is an essential level of assembly and dialogue in Central Africa. It is a place for collective discussions to resolve disputes and make choices. It also enables the exchange of information and tradition, thereby strengthening cultural identity. Threatened by fashionable growth, a blogger from Chad emphasizes that it is very important to protect the country as a symbol of cultural resistance and neighborhood joy.

A small amount of attention and warning while driving will not be the norm on Togo’s roads. Roland Eli AKUE He takes into account that some motorists ignore warnings and highway rules and prefer excitement. They drive too fast, overload their cars, drive drunk, use their phones and ignore visitor guidelines, causing a number of accidents. Let us adopt sincere habits.


In Chad, artisanal pottery gives households access to utensils for their daily needs. Aside from value, these women-made dishes have the benefit of authenticity and are made using eco-friendly methods.

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