Theresa Nist shines in a new ‘Golden Bachelor’ dress

Theresa Nist was spotted for the first time since her divorce from Gerry Turner was finalized wearing a repurposed dress from the Golden Bachelor.

Golden bachelor wedding officially over

Theresa Nist had one great love in her life until her husband died in 2014 after more than 40 years of marriage. Gerry Turner went through a similar situation when his wife Toni passed away in 2017.

Gerry and Theresa looked for a second chance at love in the very first season of The Golden Bachelor. They thought they had hit it off and quickly made their way to the altar in a television special two months after their engagement aired during the season finale.

But perhaps they rushed into marriage too quickly. Just three months after their wedding, Gerry Turner filed for divorce. It seems they disagreed on where to live and neither wanted to move away from their families.