Wanda: For pop versus loss

Loss, sadness and ruin, but also courage and love. All of this has a place on Wanda’s new album. “Ende Nie” is a deep pop album about life.

Von Andreas Gstettner-Brugger

Several gold singles and LPs, 9 Amadeus Austrian Music Awards so far and concert events in large sold-out halls such as the Wiener Stadthalle. What a band Growth has achieved in its almost twelve years of historical past has produced only a few profitable Austrian artists. Now this grown group is releasing their sixth album “Ende Nie”. An ambiguous title that may seek advice from the image of an indestructible bond, but will also serve as a rallying cry to emerge stronger from loss, despair and grief.

But this is probably one of the most overused myths in popular culture. Reality most likely looks completely different. Because ‘Ende Nie’ is about dealing with the demise of people close to you for a year and a half, the feeling of a damaged world and the struggle to come back to life. The traces of adverse, life-changing events have not completely disappeared even after the therapeutic work of the studio. After a series of interviews, the group tour singer Marco Wanda canceled their upcoming interviews with the media.

In the tune ‘It may very well be anywhere’, which was launched two months ago, Wanda makes it clear to us in her direct approach that life is fragile. It can happen to anyone. Whenever. And because you’re flying excessively, it normally only takes a second to descend straight into a dark cave.

Different depth

It could simply be to show that Wanda’s new songs have a whole new depth. But that could also imply that the earlier work had a superficiality that it did not have. A tune launched ten years ago, ‘Bologna’. For example, while it is ostensibly about an unfulfilling sex life and relationship problems, it is also about dealing with the death of a beloved aunt. At all times, Wanda has recorded the loss of their songs. However, the best way it was called at this time was completely different.

Increase that you live in Austria:

  • July 19, 2024 Open-air Arena B, Graz
  • 20-7-2024 Clam Castle, Klam (Discontinued)
  • August 2, 2024 Scene Openair, Lustenau
  • 30-08-2024 Kufstein Castle, Kufstein (SOLD)
  • 21-12-2024 Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna

Marco Wanda: “Ten years ago we tried to be heard, no matter what, and now we have this younger man Sturm und Drang. And all we really wanted to do was get outrageous and destroy problems. Let’s catch our breath for a moment. Ten years ago I could not have predicted that our lives would be like this.”

I The death of beloved keyboardist, founder and buddy Christian Hummer led to the tune “There’s No One Else.” A ballad that, although dedicated to him, has a greater theme than sadness and loss.

Marco Wanda: “This song should highlight one issue of loss. And that is a facet of affection for that specific person. In short, it’s a love song at the end of the day. It won’t be clearly about death, but instead the primary character narrator expresses his love for the specific person. And in reality, under no circumstances should he die.”

All life in one melody

This also makes it clear why Wanda’s songs are so profitable. They create and provide space for identification. They are ordinary human experiences that are born into life. And although they contain autobiographical components, Marco Wanda manages to blend his private life with that of the songs’ narrator.

That’s why Wanda can really feel the disappointment and loss of a certain person on stage as soon as they play the items.

Wanda album cover

Wanda/Universal Music

“End Never” will launch on June 7, 2024

Marco Wanda: “I see songs as artifacts. We add songs in a beautiful quantity. By definition, each is private and social. If there are no real artifacts – none of us have shamanic figures in our homes – for us songs. And on stage, when you want to play it, you don’t really feel the feelings underneath the tune. A completely different rush. It’s not just a feeling of both. There is no good tune based solely on Big Bang. Good thing, you always pack your whole life into one tune. “

For that to work, a secure space was needed specifically for this album. Former image and book producer Zebo Adam gave this to the group. No time pressure, no tension. But with human openness and perseverance.

Marco Wanda: “Many producers responded to my concepts: where should this go? That’s not over yet, though! This completely ignored our scenario over time and other people talked to me as if nothing had happened. And that didn’t work in the end. And Zebo was the first to say, “Hey, I can think about where you could be right now. And I want to create a safe place for you. And we don’t take anything into account except the songs.’ He set us free and took us seriously as human beings. This time he was the right producer for the album. And I am eternally grateful. That was very effective.”

Once Amore, always Amore

A friendship with producer Adam, which grew over a year and a half of studio work, was mandatory for this album. Because friendship means love. And finally: everything Marco Wanda does is about love. It will be no coincidence that the battle of 2014 was “Love!” used to be.

Marco Wanda: “The primary idea remains the same. We want to deliver people collectively. That’s why I always look for topics that are recognizable to everyone. All of Wanda’s work took place within ten years of the divorce. So for me the theme from 2014 to 2024 is the transition to truthful and social segregation. And it was at the moment when we were trying so laboriously to liberate people collectively and to preserve them collectively. And not to divorce. As beautiful as potential. “

And that is the determination. Every day. Just as we can select love in a relationship every day. This is the theme of one of the report’s many highlights, the tune “He Kissed Her and Woke Up.” A hymn about allowing change and turning into willing.

Marco Wanda: “I’m sure you’ll be kissed and stood up by several people. Let’s put it this way: if you are awake and open about it, you can let people change you. And you will be able to make love change. You just have to need that. This does not happen automatically. It could be a gradient. You can even face love with partitions and you’ll say, chances are I’ll get my factors so I can somehow get out in one episode, or you can say – No, I’m going creating an area in between, we create it and I allow myself to vary.”