Netizens are discussing Kim Junsu’s youthful appearance at the age of 37

Kim Junsu (XIA), formerly of TVXQ/YYYhas recently gained attention among netizens for his youthful appearance at almost 40. After the release of his recent music video ‘Our season,”Junsu’s refreshing images have been a topic of discussion among netizens.

Netizens responded:

“Wow, he hasn’t aged a day.”

“His natural styling really suits him”

“He’s still cute”

“He has a bit of a baby face”

“He wears more muted colors these days, it looks great on him! He looks young”

“His styling has been perfect lately, keep it up”

‘He’s really turning 40 soon? I must be the only one getting old”

“He really seems to be getting younger”

“No, he actually looks like he’s 21 years old…”

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