Dr. Oz involved in mid-flight emergency

During his trip this past week, Dr. Oz involved in a mid-flight emergency. The television doctor was flying to Mexico when someone on the flight called for medical help. As he often does, Dr. Oz takes action and helps save the day.

This is what happened last week with Dr. Oz happened and how he saved someone else’s life.

Dr. Oz saves a man’s life during a mid-flight emergency

Mehmet Oz, 64, was on a flight from New York City to Cabo San Lucas on Friday when someone called for help with a medical emergency. The television personality took action when he heard the call for help. It turned out that someone was going in and out of consciousness an hour into the flight.

Dr.  Oz |  YouTubeDr.  Oz |  YouTube
Dr. Oz | YouTube

Dr. Oz confirmed what happened and said he was flying to a wedding in Cabo San Lucas when the incident occurred (via TMZ). According to Oz, a “healthy middle-aged man lost consciousness.” He said he performed the “usual triage with a physical examination and vital signs.” All it took was oxygen, orange juice and time to get everything back to normal.

Oz said the man recovered and required a local doctor for a detailed evaluation. It seems the man needed the juice to combat low blood sugar, which often causes fainting. He also said, “Oxygen is the best medicine we ever use.”

The TV doctor said the man is doing much better now. Eyewitnesses told it TMZ that he had given the man his phone number in case something else happened upon landing. It sounds like he went out of his way to help a total stranger board the plane.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Oz rushed to help someone

Dr. Oz has rushed to help someone else in the past, and it’s happened at an airport too. In 2021, he saved a man’s life at the Newark airport.

On March 1, 2021, a man collapsed at Newark Liberty International Airport. Dr. Oz had just arrived at the airport on a flight from Florida. He was with his family when he witnessed the man collapse in the baggage claim area. The man was foaming at the mouth and bleeding where his head hit the ground (via ABC news).

“I couldn’t get a pulse, and that’s the first thing you notice. He didn’t respond,” Oz said. “I had to roll him onto his back and saw that he was purple, I mean the color of an eggplant, and that’s a bad combination.” He realized the man was dying and began CPR. Within minutes, officers arrived on scene with oxygen and a defibrillator.

Oz helped save that man’s life and said he kept in touch with him while he recovered in the hospital.

Are you surprised to hear that Dr. Oz now saved the lives of several people by being at an airport or on a plane when the incidents occurred? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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