Tiger Woods shares his thoughts on what could be his last US Open

Three-time US Open champion Tiger Woods has hinted that this year’s tournament at No. 2 Pinehurst could be his last. After missing the cut on Friday, Woods talked about his future in the sport and the possibility of this being his final appearance at the US Open. Here’s a detailed look at his reflections and what it means for the golf world.

Thinking about the possibility

“It may or may not be so”

In a candid moment after his round, Woods addressed speculation about his future at the US Open. “As for my last US Open championship, I don’t know when that is. It may or may not be so,” he said. This statement has left fans and analysts wondering about the future of one of golf’s greatest players.

A challenging round

Woods shot a 74 on Thursday and followed with a 73 on Friday, finishing 7-over for the tournament. Despite his efforts, he missed the cut by two strokes. Reflecting on his performance, Woods said, “I hit the ball and I felt like my putting was good enough to get into contention, and I’m not. Yes, it’s frustrating because I’m not here to have a chance to win next weekend.”

The road ahead

One more tournament this season

Woods confirmed he has only one tournament left this season, the Open Championship in July. “One more event and then come back when I get back,” he said. This has added to speculation about his future participation in major tournaments.

The impact of injuries

Woods has faced numerous challenges with injuries, including a serious leg injury resulting from a car accident in February 2021. These setbacks have significantly impacted his ability to compete at the highest level. Despite a remarkable comeback at the 2022 Masters, his participation in subsequent tournaments was limited.

Tiger Woods tips his hat to the patrons as he walks to tee No. 12 during the third round of the Masters.

Fan reactions and legacy

A moment of realization

The possibility of this being Woods’ last US Open has hit fans hard. His presence at major tournaments has always been a huge draw, and the thought of a future without him is sobering. “It may or may not be so,” he said, a statement that has resonated deeply in the golf community.

A legendary career

Woods’ legacy at the US Open is unparalleled. He won the tournament in 2000, 2002 and 2008, and his achievements have left an indelible mark on the sport. His possible retirement at Pinehurst No. 2, a track with its own rich history, adds a poignant note to his illustrious career.


Tiger Woods’ reflections on what could be his final US Open have stirred a mix of emotions from fans and the golfing world. While his future in the sport remains uncertain, his impact and legacy are undisputed. As he prepares for the Open Championship, the world will be watching him closely and cherishing every moment of his remarkable journey.

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods
Tiger Woods tees off on the fourth hole during a practice round for the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club.

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