Triple H says he’s excited to work with CM Punk in the new era of WWE

During the post-show press conference for WWE Clash at the Castle (via Fightful), Triple H spoke about his excitement to work with CM Punk in WWE following the latter’s surprise appearance at the Scotland PLE.

He said: “There’s a change and there’s a new era, a new atmosphere, all those things. Absolutely, in some ways they are things he asked for and started a long time ago. At a time when, perhaps for all kinds of reasons, he and I simply saw things differently. We saw eye to eye, but it was eye to eye angry. It was an opposition that came face to face. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have him back. I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to see the Phil Brooks I wanted to see back then. While my efforts to achieve that may have been misconstrued and caused friction, I always knew that the Phil Brooks I see today was in there. I just couldn’t put it into words the right way. As much as this has changed, he has changed too. I gotta tell you, it’s amazing. I look forward to the future and I look forward to not only working with him, but being around him. It’s a pleasure to be around him in the dressing room, a pleasure to be around as an artist. He is a pleasure to be around, he helps other guys to grow and change, to pass on what he has learned, not only as an artist, but also as a person who was on the wrong side of things , but maybe found that out along the way. That is valuable information that he can share with another generation that will come after him. I’m happy and excited to have him here, and I’m happy and excited to not only work with him in a talent role, but to work with him to create the WWE that both he and I always wanted to have.