Superstars in cinema, ordinary people before God – two superstars visited the temple together, showering Malayali people with congratulatory messages.

Raksha Shetty and Raj B Shetty are two very favorite stars of Malayalees. They are getting noticed through Kannada films. The Kannada film industry was one of the worst film industries in South India. But these two along with Rishabh Shetty have taken it upon themselves to take it up step by step. All these three have a lot of fans not only in Karnataka but also among Keralites.

Raj B Shetty was recently seen as a villain in Mammootty’s Turbo. But many viewers came out against the makers of the film, claiming that the role was inconsistent with his status in this film. Now he and Rakshit Shetty have visited the temple. Rishabh Shetty is one of the actors known to Malaysians for the film Kantara.

Both visited Tirupati Venkatachalapati Temple. They reached the temple and took part in special pujas after putting aside all the hustle and bustle of the film industry. They shared the pictures of their visit to the temple on social media. There was someone else with them. They were accompanied by the swamis of Vathirajava Math in Udupi and Byndur MLA Gururaj Gandhihola.

Meanwhile, Rishabh Shetty has announced the second part of Kantara. It is also special that the second part takes place many years before the first part. Meanwhile, Raj B Shetty has become a well-known actor in South India these days. Recently, the film Garuda Gamana Rishabha Vahana, starring both of them, also gained a lot of fans in Kerala. The song Chandrachuda Sivashankara Parvati from this film was widely adopted by the Malayalees.