My father’s younger brother has sworn that none of us will ever get married

Saturday June 15, 2024A lady is celebrating after her sister’s court wedding.

In a Facebook post on Friday, June 14, 2024, she revealed that their father’s younger brother had vowed that neither of them would ever get married.

“Send my regards to my father’s immediate younger brother, the one who swore that none of us will ever marry,” she wrote.

Say hi to him from me!!! Someone else is getting married soon

Tell him his tears will be looooonnnnnnmgggggh!!!!!

You see, eeeh God has started well in my family and there is no turning back!!!

My sister is legally married!!!!

Today I witnessed my sister’s court wedding and I can’t thank God enough!!!

Please post a Thanksgiving comment below this post!!

God has done it for us again!!!! Happy Married Life Big Sister!!!!!

See the sweet baby we gave to our in-laws. We are too nice for our house!! 14/06/2024.